Renewd® Products

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    In a special partnership, XtremeMac is proud to offer Renewd®'s line of refurbished Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. This collaboration aligns with our commitment to sustainability and high-quality technology. Each Renewd® product is rigorously inspected and certified, ensuring it meets stringent standards of functionality and reliability. Complete with a two-year warranty, these devices come from a process that uses 100% original parts and supports global reforestation efforts. Available exclusively at, Renewd® products let you enjoy premium technology while contributing to environmental conservation.

    8 artículos
    Renovado®MacBook Pro 15
    MacBook Pro 13 renovado®
    desde €629,00
    MacBook Air 13 renovado®
    desde €529,00
    iPhone 13 renovado®
    desde €679,00
    iPhone 12 Pro renovado®
    desde €669,00
    iPad Air 4 Wifi renovado®
    desde €479,00
    Apple Watch Series 6 renovado®
    desde €319,00
    Renovado®IPhone 12
    desde €429,00

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