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    Enhance your device’s functionality with XtremeMac USB-C Hubs, ideal for expanding the connectivity of any laptop or tablet with a USB-C port. These hubs seamlessly integrate multiple ports to facilitate fast charging, high-speed data transfer, and media display capabilities. Designed for simplicity and efficiency, they provide essential connections for USB devices, external displays, and memory cards within a compact and durable form. Whether you’re working from home, in an office, or on the move, these hubs are a perfect solution to maximize productivity and ease your workflow.

    6 artículos
    Adaptador de concentrador de cargador de MacBook tipo C
    Type-C Hub with 3 ports
    Concentrador tipo C con 3 puertos
    Multiport Hub max pro 100 W
    Xtreme Mac multiport Hub
    Concentrador multipuerto tipo C Max Pro 100W
    Type- C Hub with 8 ports
    Tipo-c eje con 8 puertos
    Type-C Hub with 6 ports
    XtremeMac Hub port compatible with Mac products
    Concentrador tipo C con 6 puertos

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