Multiport Single Port Adapter

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    Explore the functionality of XtremeMac Multiport & Single Adapters, designed to enhance the connectivity of devices equipped with USB-C ports. These adapters are essential for users looking to maximize their device’s potential by adding multiple ports for charging, data transfer, and media display. Sleek and durable, they seamlessly integrate into your tech ecosystem, providing connections for USB devices, external displays, and more—all in a compact package. Ideal for MacBook users, professionals on the go, or anyone needing to connect a variety of devices efficiently.

    9 artículos
    Magnetic Type C adapter
    XtremeMac magnetic adapter
    Adaptador magnético tipo C
    ExtremeMac USB adapter
    Adaptador tipo C a USB-A
    HDMI To VGA adapter
    HDMI adapter
    Adaptador HDMI a VGA
    USB A to HDMI adapter
    Adaptador USB-A a HDMI
    Xtreme Mac USB-A to ETHERNET Adapter
    Adaptador USB-A a ETHERNET
    XtremeMac HDMI and VGA adapter
    Adaptador tipo C a HDMI y VGA
    Type C to ether Adapter
    Adaptador tipo C a ETHERNET
    Type-C to VGA Adapter
    Adaptador tipo C a VGA
    Type C to HDMI adapter
    Adaptador tipo C a HDMI

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