Magnetischer iPhone-Halter

Xtremac magnetic iphone holder
Magnetic iPhone holder for desktop
Home office magnetic iPhone holder
Simulmagnet  Iphone Holder
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Magnetischer iPhone-Halter

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Magnetic iPhone Desktop Holder
for iPhones with MagSafe


Simple and elegant magnetic MagSafe compatible desktop holder in aluminium, made to be used with the iPhone 12 , 13, 14 & 15 models

It allows you to pick up an install your new iPhone quickly with only one hand. The swivel head of the holder allows you to place your phone magnetically in any position and adjust the screen view with ease, to keep it in sight while you’re working on your desktop. 

Use any lightning cable to plug it from your laptop or wall charger to your iphone, and then transform the holder into a charger too!

Keeps your device firmly stick! 

  • MagSafe Compatible – strong magnet.
  • Ergonomic, place and pick up the iPhone with one hand.
  • Nice, elegant and compact design.
  • Swivel head allows adjustment, in both portrait and landscape mode. 

All iPhone 12, 13, 14 & 15 models. 

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