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    Enhance your mobile charging experience with the XtremeMac MagSafe-compatible devices. Designed specifically for the newest iPhones, these devices offer a powerful and convenient wireless charging solution. The strong magnetic attachment provides a secure fit to your iPhone, allowing you to charge effortlessly without the need for cables. Each device is sleek and portable, featuring a built-in stand for easy viewing in both portrait and landscape modes while charging. Whether at home, work, or on the go, these MagSafe-compatible chargers are perfect for keeping your devices powered and accessible.

    4 Produkte
    Apple Magsafe wireless charger
    X-MAG PRO: Kabelloses 3-in-1-Ladegerät
    Magnetic 15W car charger
    Apple magsafe compatible car charger
    Drahtloses magnetisches Autoladegerät - Saugnapfhalterung
    Wireless magnetic car charger
    Magnetic car charger for iPhone
    Drahtloses magnetisches Autoladegerät – Halterung für Lüftungsschlitze
    Xtremac magnetic iphone holder
    Magnetic iPhone holder for desktop
    Magnetischer iPhone-Halter

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