Packing My Bag: Essentials I Never Leave Behind

Hello fellas,

I’m back in the USA, and as XtremeMac is now present in over 20 countries, it means a lot of traveling for us. Recently, we launched our products in many stores across Mexico. It’s always exciting when a new market opens up for us.

Every trip abroad means packing, and by now, I have a consistent routine: clothes, toiletries, and of course, tech gear. When it comes to tech, I have my go-to items.

I’ve stopped bringing along those heavy Apple chargers. Sure, they have 85W, but they weigh twice as much and only have one port.

I don’t mean to brag, but the dual USB-C charger from XtremeMac with 65W, made with 100% recycled plastic, does a better job. Why?

  1. Light and compact
  2. 65W charging power
  3. Two USB-C ports

I travel a lot and even before my time at XtremeMac, I traveled frequently, so I know what matters in tech. At the same time, I conduct long-term tests with all our products. Rarely have I been so satisfied with tech as I am with XtremeMac products. Everything works and lasts a long time.

What I always take on trips from XtremeMac:

There are some competitor products I still use because XtremeMac doesn’t offer them yet or I bought them before joining XtremeMac. For instance, the Competitor adapter with two Lightning ports or the 20k Power Bank from other Competitor, which has already been replaced three times by the manufacturer, most recently because the button broke – straight to the trash.

I’m not bashing competitor products, just sharing my experiences. I’ve been using XtremeMac products for a long time and I’m thoroughly satisfied. Their quality and reliability have convinced me, making them a permanent part of my travels.

Best regards,
Your Jules from the scorching hot California, USA

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