At XtremeMac we are very happy to collaborate in the reforestation of the Amazon with the NGO Saving The Amazon with our XtremeMac enterprise forest.

Saving The Amazon is a NGO that seeks to unite the whole world for the conservation of the Amazon in the fight against the Climate Crisis. This is done by planting native trees together with local indigenous communities of the tropical rainforest. 

The alliance between Saving The Amazon and XtremeMac will help to give rise to the internationalization plan of Saving The Amazon, which aims to bring awareness of the importance of the Amazon to all corners of the planet.

How does it work?

It works through a virtual tree adoption system, every time you buy at XtremeMac you will have the opportunity of adopting a tree. 

We will send your information to Saving the Amazon as soon as we confirm your purchase. A native tree with your name will be planted in the Amazon, the most biodiverse place on the planet.

We will provide you via email the photo of your tree, as well as information about the community, the planter and all the variables that allow you to connect with your tree and all that it represents. You can track the growth of your tree with photos renewed every 6 months.

Thanks to this great gesture you are not only conserving this essential ecosystem for everyone, but you will also help the development of the indigenous communities, who receive income from the planting and care of the trees that, in turn, provide them with food, medicine and construction elements, strengthening their culture and beliefs around nature through sustainable and dignified work.

We keep adding up thanks to you!