iPad Accessories

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    Enhance your iPad experience with XtremeMac’s iPad Accessories. Our extensive range includes everything from precision stylus pens and durable cases to versatile docking stations and fast-charging cables. Designed to boost functionality and protection, these accessories ensure your iPad is always ready for any task—whether it’s for work, entertainment, or creativity. With XtremeMac, you get the tools needed to make the most out of your tablet every day.

    40 prodotti
    Magnetic Type C adapter
    XtremeMac magnetic adapter
    Adattatore magnetico di tipo C
    Docking Hub station 12 ports
    XtremeMac hub station for 12 ports
    Stazione hub docking station di tipo C:12 porte
    Mouse trasparente multiconnessione
    Caricabatterie da viaggio
    Screen pen
    High precision stylus pen for digital signatures
    Penna stilo 3 in 1 ad alta precisione
    Cavo da tipo C a HDMI
    Travel foldable keyboard
    Digital nomad keyboard
    Tastiera pieghevole da viaggio
    Premium USB-c to USB C cable
    Premium USB-C to USB-C Cable
    XtremeMac double USB-C power charger
    Delivery wall charger
    Caricatore da muro doppio USB-C Power Delivery da 65 W
    Adattatore per hub caricabatterie MacBook di tipo C
    Type-C Hub with 3 ports
    Type-C Hub with 3 Ports
    Eco cable charger for apple products
    Cavo ecologico da USB-C a USB-C
    da €14,99
    New airpods with bluetooth
    X-Twist Earphones
    X-Stylus Pen
    Magnetic PowerBank Magsafe for iPhone
    Magnetic Powerbank 20KmAh - Apple MagSafe Compatible
    Flexi USB C To USB C Cable
    Flexi USB-C to USB-C Cable
    da €9,99
    Eco Friendly 45W Double Type-C Car Charger XtremeMac
    Eco car chager
    Eco 45W Double Type-C Car Charger
    power delivery charger made with recycled plastic
    20W Type-c Power delivery wall charger
    20W Type-C Power Delivery Wall Charger - Made with recycled plastic
    USB wall charger
    XtremeMac USB wall charger
    USB Wall Charger
    Keyboard for Macbook
    XtremeMac wireless keyboard
    Type-C to VGA Adapter
    Type-C to VGA Adapter
    Type C to HDMI adapter
    Type-C to HDMI Adapter
    Type-c To HDMI 2m Cable
    Type C cable for macs or iphone
    XtremeMac HDMI and VGA adapter
    Type-C to HDMI & VGA Adapter
    Type C to ether Adapter
    Type-C to ETHERNET Adapter
    Multiport Hub max pro 100 W
    Xtreme Mac multiport Hub
    Type-C Multiport Hub Max Pro 100W
    Type- C Hub with 8 ports
    Type-C Hub with 8 Ports
    Type-C Hub with 6 ports
    XtremeMac Hub port compatible with Mac products
    Type-C Hub with 6 Ports
    Type - C Docking Hub station- 11 ports
    XtremeMac Hub station 11 ports
    Type-C Docking Hub Station - 11 ports
    Quick charger USB wall charger
    XtremeMac USB wall charger
    Quick Charge USB Wall Charger
    Multi USB travel charger
    XtremeMac travel charger
    Multi USB Travel Charger
    Magnetic powerbank for iPhone
    Magnetic Powerbank 5KmAh - Apple MagSafe Compatible
    Eco Charger for iPhone
    Biodegradable charger
    Eco Double Wall Charger
    Car charger eco 20W
    Eco 20W type C car charger
    Caricabatterie da auto Eco di tipo C da 20 W
    Double USB wall charger
    XtremeMac double USB wall charger
    Double USB Wall Charger
    XtremeMac 45W power charger
    Power charger of 45 watts made of recycled plastic
    Caricatore da muro con alimentazione di tipo C da 45 W
    45W Double Type-C PD Car Charger
    Power delivery wall charger
    Xtreme Mac 30W power charger
    30W Power Delivery Wall Charger
    25W Type-C Power delivery wall charger
    XtremeMac type-c power charger
    25W Type-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

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