Why I’ll Never Drink Coffee Next to My Laptop Again

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As a digital nomad, my laptop and coffee are my constant companions. I love working from cafes, parks, and anywhere else with a good vibe. But a recent mishap made me rethink my coffee habits. Here’s why I’ll probably never drink coffee next to my laptop again.

My Cool Setup

I have a pretty awesome setup: a large monitor, a 13-inch MacBook Pro, a keyboard, and a Magic Mouse. Everything is connected with my 130W X-Cube, allowing me to work from anywhere – cafes, restaurants, and even parks with my 20k power bank. With all these cables, I have the necessary power for my monitor and laptop.

The Space Problem

The main issue with this setup is the cables. They need to be plugged straight into my monitor, which creates a lot of space between the laptop and the monitor. This isn’t usually a problem unless I’m at a small table, which is often the case in busy cafes.

The Coffee Incident

Recently, I was at Starbucks with my setup. Everything was connected, and my coffee was sitting next to it. The small table and the large gap between the monitor and laptop meant I had to adjust everything carefully. Unfortunately, I wasn’t careful enough. As I tried to perfect the arrangement, my coffee cup tipped over, spilling coffee all over the keyboard. Luckily, it was just the keyboard and not my laptop. I didn’t take a picture, but it looked something like this:

A Smart Solution

To prevent this from happening again, I’ve found a smart solution: the Magnetic USB-C Adapter from XtremeMac. This magnetic adapter also functions as a 90-degree angle, saving space between the MacBook and the monitor. If I accidentally move something or hit the cable, the magnet detaches, and the cable disconnects.

Isn’t that smart?

XtremeMac magnetic adapter

Go to Product: Magnetic Adapter USB-C




From now on, I’ll be more careful with my coffee. If you work from various locations like I do, consider investing in a Magnetic USB-C Adapter to keep your setup safe and efficient. Sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive deals and discount codes. Don’t miss out on the best offers tailored just for you!

Best regards from the city of love, Paris

Yours, Jules


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