Do you really think this was all planned? We made it into 20 countries, thanks to Steve Jobs.

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Ahoy Comrades,

Today I'm writing to you from an airplane. I'm jetting with a big machine from L.A. to Prague – another great journey awaits us. Wish us luck!

In the meantime, I want to share some facts. The hardcore XtremeMac fans surely know our history, or do they? I believe that too much knowledge isn't necessary in today's world. Individual information intake is key today.

When I first heard about XtremeMac and its history, I immediately wanted to know more. Steve Jobs was involved. Just imagine, tech enthusiasts: the Apple god himself took XtremeMac on as his first contracted company. Those were the days! 2001 was a grand year for XtremeMac – probably the best and most successful year.

Today, we're doing quite well. Thanks to the intense work back then, we made our name so well-known that one in five tech fans knows us. That's something. And you know what's even more amazing? Today, we are represented in 20 countries – not just online, but OFFLINE. Yes, you can find us in stores.

XtremeMac: A global success in 20 countries
In Europe, you can find XtremeMac in almost every major country: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Greece, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Denmark. But that's not all – the brand has also made its way to Morocco, India, Kuwait, Australia, Mexico, and the USA. So, your next trip to Morocco could definitely mean a Powerbank from XtremeMac.



Big players love XtremeMac
You can find XtremeMac at MediaMarkt, Costco, FNAC, Boulanger, and Virgin Megastore. And of course, our products are also available on Amazon in Europe, the USA, and Australia. This wide availability ensures that you always have access to our fantastic products, no matter where you are.

Many major magazines talk about us
20 Minutes, La Voix du Nord, 01net, Voici, and I Create. These mentions are more than just a nice gesture – they are a strong sign that XtremeMac products are valued and recommended by experts. Being featured in such renowned publications strengthens consumer trust and sets the brand apart from the competition.

Where do you know XtremeMac from and which products have you experienced? Share your experience with us!

With that, all the best to you down there.

Your Jules from the airplane at 10,000 meters.

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