Accessoires MagSafe et Magnétiques

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    Elevate your iPhone experience with XtremeMac's MagSafe and magnetic accessories. Explore our collection now at and discover the magic of magnets for yourself.

    9 items
    Apple Magsafe wireless charger
    X-MAG PRO : Station de Recharge 3-en-1 avec MagSafe
    Xtremac magnetic iphone holder
    Magnetic iPhone holder for desktop
    Support Magnétique pour iPhone
    Magnetic car holder for using GPS on your phone
    Magnetic phone holder adaptable to any Car
    Support de Voiture magnétique
    Iphone magsafe wireless charger
    Powerbank magnétique - compatible Apple MagSafe
    Magnetic 15W car charger
    Apple magsafe compatible car charger
    Chargeur de voiture magnétique sans fil - Support à ventouse
    Wireless magnetic car charger
    Magnetic car charger for iPhone
    Chargeur de voiture magnétique sans fil - Support de grille d'aération
    Magnetic PowerBank Magsafe for iPhone
    Magnetic Powerbank 20KmAh - Apple MagSafe Compatible
    Magnetic powerbank for iPhone
    Magnetic Powerbank 5KmAh - Apple MagSafe Compatible
    X-Stylus Pen

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